Looking for 2017 Regional Host Sites

(Angela Creason) #43

Clear Creek Community Church can host in Houston, TX on March 7.

(Jason Lee) #44

Alright we need to nail down sites and dates so we can open registration this week. Here’s what i have:

Houston or San Antonio March 7 @acreason @tedbass
Northwoods - Peoria, IL March 7 @Jason.Lee @benfifield
McLean Bible - Vienna, VA (Date?) @MattPugh80
Florida Regional Co Hosted with Xbyte? (Date?) @tkisida
Broadmoore Mississippi or Birmingham, AL (Date?) @pambhm @skipmathews
Northview - Indy, IN March 7 @jason.shaw @steinersupport
Johnson Ferry - ATL March 7 @tpluckter @derekschwab
Las Vegas ? - @MBSnick

Please confirm your dates and sites and we will open registration soon. Once sites are confirmed we can setup a call to discuss costs, local partner/sponsors etc.

(Nick B Nicholaou) #45

Las Vegas is a no-go, Jason… there’s no room at the inn this time (they were all booked up),

(Angela Creason) #46

Jason, Ted and I talked and he said we could host in Houston on March 7

281.338.5433 x1702 | F 281.557.2391

(Skip Mathews) #47

@pambhm , I looks like you or Broadmoor are the only hosting options between Atlanta and Dallas. Birmingham is an easy trip for us in MS if you think you would have a bigger draw. It looks like only two or three Mississippi folks. Let me know your thoughts on MS or AL. Thank you. Skip

(Rush Callahan) #48

Count me in for a participant in MS (depending on the date - I have to setup a new building in March).

If the dates are right Birmingham is ok. If we do this at Broadmoor, I probably have another attendee as well.

Rush @ Pinelake in MS

(Theresa Pluckter) #49

Atlanta is a go for March 7th at Johnson Ferry. @derekschwab

(Jason Tucker) #50

Southern California folks, where you at?

Jason Tucker
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www.wacc.nethttp://www.wacc.net | 562.945.4500 x182
8100 Colima Road, Whittier, CA 90605

(Jeremy Hoff) #51

@jasontucker - under construction. :wink: Are you hosting? We’ll head your way!

(Jason Tucker) #52

I wish I could and and some point I will! I just started working at this church 2 weeks ago, I don’t even know where the light switches are yet!

Jason Tucker
IT Director
www.wacc.nethttp://www.wacc.net | 562.945.4500 x182
8100 Colima Road, Whittier, CA 90605

(Matt Pugh) #53

Put us down for the 7th as well. And, @nangra said she’d be helping me, so I’m calling her out. :wink:

(Nancy graham) #54

I’m in! Will do whatever I can to help. Thank you for hosting :slight_smile:

(Joe Benson) #55

Come on Jeremy, I hear you open in two weeks. That’s totally doable!

(Joe Benson) #56

I can volunteer ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, CA as a host for the southern California area. The 7th works for us, although the 6th would also work if that’s better for attendees.

(Derek Schwab) #57

Atlanta info looks good!

(Tim Simms) #58

We’re planning to drive down from Columbia to attend NoVA regional,
@MattPugh80. Holla at a brutha, if you need more help!

(Jason W Shaw) #59

Northview should be good to host. I will like to know what is expected of the host. I imagine we would need to organize the speakers and agenda?

Jason Shaw

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(Stephanie Johnson) #60

I can help you.

(Jonathan George) #61

I’m in the same boat as @jason.shaw. Wouldn’t mind hosting, but I’d like to know the requirements.

(Jason Powell) #62

If you’ve not been to a regional, then you really need to buddy up with someone who has.
It’s old and needs updating, but here’s the FAQ I used to point people to… http://citrt.pbworks.com/w/page/7717466/hosting%20a%20regional%20event%20FAQ

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