Looking for 2017 Regional Host Sites

@scottmiller and the Watermark Team have done an outstanding job in the past. @TimA, Scott Miller might have some thoughts. I’d love to see it in the DFW area for 2017. I do have a conference to attend May 2 - May 4th (MPUG) https://www.thinkministry.com/articles/mpug-2017/ (so don’t pick those days, because it’s all about ME!) :wink:

Heh, my team will be in Dallas for MPUG then too :slight_smile:

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Also note that the Fall national event will be in Dallas :slight_smile:

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We would be glad to host at Broadmoor.org in Mississippi if there is enough interest. We are half way between Dallas and Atlanta, and Memphis and New Orleans.

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I think it was recently in Houston at Sagemont?

Things have been busy so I don’t remember if that was 2015 or 2016. Clear Creek would be interested in hosting, though I also remember being told that folks don’t like coming to Houston.

We (Chase Oaks Church, Plano, TX – North Dallas area) hosted it last year, Sagemont in Houston in 2015, and we were in San Antonio in 2014 as Ted Bass said in his post. I think we have always tried to rotate it around each year so the same guys aren’t having to travel the most every time. However, the first priority is to get the list of willing hosts so we know what the options are. We have tried to split Texas up in the past into North and South RT’s, but the general consensus was that we like meeting together, and we are willing to travel to do it. That’s my 2 cents worth :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info Joe! Why don’t you Texas guys discuss and let us know what you’d prefer :slight_smile:

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xByte Technologies is looking to potentially sponsor a Florida regional roundtable. To do so we would need an idea of how many people would be interested in attending. Please let us know by replying to this thread or sending me a PM.

Also we would most likely want to partner with a Church to host it. We are based in Bradenton, FL but would be flexible based on Churches interested and to keep travel time to a minimum.

Thank you.

Hey Todd,

I would love to attend a round table with one of my leads! Sounds like a great idea. I am the IT Director at Next Level Church in Fort Myers, FL

IT Director (Matt Coulter) and I (Network Admin) at First Baptist Church
Naples would like to attend.

Count McLean Bible Church in for hosting in the mid atlantic region. Vienna, VA.

We would like to host in Atlanta on March 7th. Theresa Pluckter has offered to help with planning, and we will host the actual event at Johnson Ferry Baptist in Marietta.

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Is there an Illinois host site already for this year? I’d like to give someone else a chance to host but The Chapel would do it again if there aren’t any. Or, I could help out another church put one on. Just sayn.

Hey @JeremyGood , i was just thinking about that today. We can host in Peoria if no one else wants to.

I would like to host… one of these years… but this year probably isn’t it since it would be sandwiched between a couple of other events consuming my time and resources. But I’d be happy to go to The Chapel or Northwoods for the day.

Heartland would be open to hosting again next year, but would love to visit
Northwoods this year!

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Any west coast sites yet?

@Jason.Lee @JeremyGood There may be some interest from us. @Ncharlet would be the guy to confirm

We would be willing to host at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington IL.

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I vote for Willow :slight_smile: Neil let me know if you need help with anything.