Looking for 2017 Regional Host Sites

Each year CITN Host regional events in the Early Spring which are like an abbreviated National Conference gathering close to your home.

We will start selecting sites and getting things rolling quickly after the start of the new year.

Are you interested in hosting a Spring Regional Roundtable in 2017?

The spring regionals will be the week of March 6th with a preferred date of Tuesday March 7th.

Who can host a regional roundtable?
We try to have enough sites across the country that attendees don’t have to drive more than 3-4 hrs to attend a regional event.

What does it take?

1.) A Willing Heart

2.) Host has previously attended a Church IT Network National event and hopefully a regional roundtable

3.) Facilities to host 20-30 people (and permission support from your church / organization)

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, let us know you are interested.
If you are interested, please leave a comment here in this thread.

For questions email us at info@citrt.org.

It has been a few years but I’d be willing to work with Nick again to host one in Las Vegas at the SuperNAP data center. We would try to arrange for a behind-the-scene tech tour of the Freemont Street experience again as well as some other bonus tech goodies.

I’d love to, however, I work for a very small organization and would not
have space. You guys did a wonderful job at the conference. Once again,
thanks so much for doing all this for Christ! <3

Anh Lam, IT Manager
International Cooperating Ministries
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1901 North Armistead Avenue
Hampton, Virginia 23666-4311
Office: 757.224.7103
Mobile: 757-268-4575

Visit us online at icm.org http://icm.org/.

Hi All!

Yes, we would be willing to host another regional roundtable with Jonathan at The Switch, but need to get the date ASAP so we can try to schedule the facility and additional tours,
Nick B. Nicholaouhttp://www.mbsinc.com/mbs-team/nick-nicholaou/, President
…freeing those in ministry from business distractions.
714.840.5900, x525
Twitter: @mbsnick
Ministry-IT Bloghttp://ministry-it.blogspot.com/

Does it have to be the week of the 6th? Or could a region host it the next week; week of 13th?


I am not involved with this conversation, so somehow you grabbed the wrong
email address, Sorry.

Gordon Cobb

Re-opening the thread, fixed the issue with too many emails.

@tpluckter , i don’t think the March 6th is mandatory… just a recommendation so its not confusing to which event is happening where.

Do you have any Texas hosts yet?

Northview Church would like to throw their hat in the ring! Please consider us a willing host!

Hey @tedbass no texas sites yet… how far are you from Dallas and Houston? Is one location enough for Big O’l Texas?

@jason.shaw, Northview is in what city?

I’m with @jason.shaw here at Northview. We’re in Indy.

We did it here in SA 3 years ago. About 5 hours from Dallas and 3 from Houston.

Do you guys plan on coming south? I’m in Mississippi

Guess it depends on if your Dallas buddies are willing to travel that far :wink: @Scott Millermailto:smiller@watermark.org what cha think?

Regional sites are spread all over the country … wherever we have willing hosts that have attended our events in the past. It’s up to the host site to reach out to churches in your area though. We’ll help promote, but we see the best return when the host site reaches out to their area.

I’m in Mississippi too. Maybe someone in the AL/LA/MS/TN area will host one.

I’m interested in hosting if there are enough folks to come to Birmingham.

Pam Matthews| pmatthews@shades.org

First Baptist Dallas (downtown) is interested in hosting… Who here in Dallas will help coordinate with them as they have not done CITR before…?

I would defer to Dallas.

Ted Bass