New Phone System Recommendations

(Matt Pugh) #21

So it depends on the individual. Most of the time its an E5 + Domestic Calling Plan. But for phones that aren’t dedicated to one person we do an E2 + Phone System + Domestic Calling Plan. If the user doesn’t need a phone they just get an E3.

(Matt Pugh) #22

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 703-770-8681

(Patricia Albin) #23

Thank you. I will do so next week.

(Norman Ho) #24

The Office 365 Cloud PBX option works very well. Very clear PSTN lines.

You would need to purchase either the E5 plan or the individual licenses to add on to your existing. Here are the pricing details:

(Add Phone System and choose either “Domestic” or “Domestic and International” Calling Plan for each user)
Phone System: $3.20/user/mth
Domestic Calling Plan: $12/user/mth
Domestic and International Calling Plan: $24/user/mth
Note: For domestic you will get 3,000 minutes added to the pool per license. You can also consider using common area phones to allow a few colleagues to share

(Other add ons)
Audio Conferencing: $1.60/user/mth
Common Area Phone: $3.20/user/mth