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We have moved to the new check in for CCB, and now find Reports missing from the manned check in screen. Reports was a very important feature, as we ran a child check in report each service hour, saved the file, and emailed to children ministry leaders and security staff, so if evacuation was necessary, there was a list of who should be in the classrooms. For that to be missing potentially impacts the safety of our children.
Is Reports (Room Roster in our case) still there, and I have missed seeing it?

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Hey Greg,

I can’t help but chuckle at this a little, simply because I FEEL YOUR PAIN in this area. We have been testing new check-in along side the current solution and have A LOT of issues with it that it seems like CCB could care less about… most notably, LACKING THE ABILITY TO RUN REPORTS FROM THE CHECK-IN INTERFACE!!

Luckily, the reports are “still there”… if you log into CCB (don’t do this on check-in, or it will reset check-in), on the left menu bar, click “Check-In” (make sure you go to the NEW check-in page), when you hover over one of your saved setups (assuming you use this), click the “…” and that’s where you can get your reports. The “Reports” dropdown that you see runs the report(s) for ALL saved setups.

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Hey Greg,

CCB is aware of the gap and I believe the plan is to restore reporting some time this month. So, we are currently running New Check In for check in and Old Check In for reporting at our broadcast campus (and it is working fine). At all other campuses we reverted to Old Check In.

FYI CCB is planning to phase out Old Check In at the end of October, so we are keeping our eyes on this. Hope this helps!


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I did see reporting in the full CCB interface, which I can do, but more useful to have reporting in Manned check in. Good to hear they may restore it. We run the Room Roster report each service, and simply save as a file from Firefox, then email it. That report in full CCB check in only can be printed, so it would mean printing to pdf, then emailing that, which is clumsier for those receiving the email in their phone.
There are several good features in the new check in, but CCB has stumbled in a couple of areas, reporting being one, tablet app being another.
We will currently run reports in old, checkin with new, and hope reporting is restored by the time old check in goes away.
Thanks for the answers!

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I see a Reports button has been added to Manned checkin, which sends to reports in CCB without need to logon. HOWEVER, there are serious flaws in the reports which we are submitting with a trouble ticket. The report, even though it previews OK, leaves out some classes, and different ones each time printed, whether to paper or pdf. This is serious, since we send out reports to our safety/security people, and the report tells them and children’s staff who should be in the classrooms. Also, the Code number is cropped on numbers with wider characters, so we cannot see the whole number. Our safety people use this to look up someone when they find a pickup tag on the floor somewhere (more common than you would expect).
There are several other issues with the reports and the tablet app, which only took me about an hour to discover, I have no idea why the issues were not caught by CCB staff during testing, seems like poor project management.
The checkin itself parents find faster and easier, so that part is OK.

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Hey Greg!

We just reviewed this with Jeff Otero (leads CCB Product Development) on a call yesterday and he committed to ensuring this is fixed before Old Check In is deprecated. I’ll definitely share any updates we receive with you.


Good to hear, thanks!

Hey Greg - I am meeting with CCB senior leadership today. Can you please
send (sanitized) examples of the issues you are seeing here so we can
review with them?


Steve Klein


I see now that some of the issues have been fixed, mainly all groups are now included in Check In reports, but room number is still not displayed like in the old checkin.

Report formatting still cuts off some of the checkin numbers that use wider digits.

Also, the tablet app still requires a printer installed in order to use, which seems to negate the value in classrooms for information lookup.

Nonetheless, progress is being made!

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Hey Greg - did you see that CCB is not deprecating old check in until January 31st at the earliest? Just wanted to make sure you are aware.

Thanks for the update, that is good news! Hopefully, the remaining bugs will get worked out. Still puzzled some of the issues did not show up during testing.