New CCB Checkin

There is some progress on the new check in. The room numbers now are included in the Room Roster report, and the pickup code no longer gets cut off when there are wider numbers.

The report format itself is quite variable, depending on the web browser, so there are still issues when trying to save as an HTML file. The print to PDF option will work, formats better from Chrome than Firefox, although creates a larger file, which is being emailed to phones.

At the beginning of each service, we send out a Room Roster report to kids leaders and our Safety/Security team, so these reports working as well with new check in as they did with the old is very important.

  • Greg


Do any of you text parents from a kiosk or the check in app? Texting is not working for us, when I try a test text, the system does not find any names to text to, the search turns up nothing. I know those I am trying to text would have their communication preferences set to receive text from groups, plus the system should be able to find them via check in.