Zebra Labels for Check In

We are about to start using Zebra printers for our checkin system, and looking to see if anyone is using Zebra perforated 4x3 labels. If so, how much are you paying per roll and any recommended vendors or website links you could share would be helpful. I had a supplier I had bought some from on Amazon but they are out of stock and other vendors were twice as much on Amazon.

Thanks in advance,

We don’t do 4x3, and we have cutters on all of our printers. I highly recommend getting cutters from day 1 if you can

We use Labels Direct (they are 20 minutes away, but I’d still use them if they had to ship). They have been great to work with and we’ve never had a bad roll. In 2018 we were using over 4,000 labels per week, so we have a pretty decent volume.
We specifically use these 4" x 2" labels (they sell others, including 4x3 like you’re wanting)

We order usually in the ‘highest volume bracket’ for pricing that fits us (and the cases from an order may last a year). I think last time that was 6 cases, which is currently $0.011/label

Their sales/support folks helped me navigate pricing and options my first time around, and have always had answers when I needed clarification.

I echo Shawn’s comment; you really want to invest in cutters for your label printers. It saves money in the long run from printer repairs due to label issues being torn off incorrectly.

Definitely get cutters. If you opt for the ZD series (you should), you’ll have to install them yourself. It will take 2 minutes per printer once you get the hang of it.

If you have the budget, also buy the ZD with wireless networking (if you do network tag printing). You could always add wired later if you have to. Wireless has to come installed. ZD42042-D01W01EZ is the exact part we use. 203 dpi, F1 legacy. :confused:
Cutter is this part number: P1080383-417

As for the label question, we buy from iT1. (west@it1.com) We use 3x2 labels. Also F1 legacy. :confused:

The ZD series also has neat base options including batteries for desktop printers and attached power supplies.