Workflows in Rock or MP

Can anyone speak to workflows in Rock or Ministry Platform and how we can have a person fill out a form via the site and it triggers them to go directly into a process or workflow, automatic and manual things happen, and we can track them the whole way through the process, and have an overview of how many people are in which step at any given point in time? Bonus points: any good way to handle in Rock or MP large scale congregational care (regular call rotation)? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jennb!

I can speak to the RockRMS side of things. :slight_smile:

Within RockRMS… Website visitors can fill out workflow-based forms and that leads to workflows that contain a series of steps that automate some processes OR wait for wait for staff/volunteer input. The workflow dashboard shows statuses of each.

As for scale, there isn’t a technical limit to the number of forms being filled out, so promoting the form widely among the congregation via web/social media/email etc. I suspect the bottleneck will be dependent upon the complexity of the form and now much time a living pair of eyeballs will need to spend reviewing the results. There are lots of workflow steps in Rock that aim to automate processes as much as possible… alas, without knowing more it’s hard to answer with details.

Feel free to reach out to me directly or via the RockRMS Forum General Use | Rock Community

I hope that helps!
Jeremy Hoff


Jeremy’s right. There’s even a small sample (staff-based) workflow illustrated in the Rock Workflow guide that is also included in Rock. You can see the workflow (setup details) on the demo site and you can demo filling out the workflow’s form on the workflow entry page. Also, the example/stock Contact Us page (intended for external/congregation users) uses a different workflow too – so you can experiment with both to see workflows in action.

Lastly, Workflows in Rock are quite powerful so if you were going to try editing/creating your own I’d highly recommend you read through the entire Workflow guide first.


Hi Jenn,

I will (hopefully) shed some light on how workflows are used in MP. In MP, a workflow is called a “Process”.

I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say “a person fill[s] out a form via the site”. When you say “the site”, in MP that can mean someone logged into the MP ChMS or it can mean someone is filling out a web page on the MP Portal. In both cases you would create a process to fire when a certain condition is met on a page within the ChMS. If a user is logged into the MP ChMS, when a new record is saved on a page that meets the process condition, a “Submit” button appears at the top of the page. When the user click the Submit button, the process fires. In the case of the condition being met when a person fills out a web page on the Portal, then the process fires automatically.

Processes can be tracked in different ways in MP. The most common way I track a process is to look on the page in which it was created and see all the records on which a process has not been completed (those records will have a yellow process indicator present). You can click on the record and look in the “Task” pane to see what is going on with the process.

For more information on processes, click here.

To achieve the bonus points I so desire to receive, I would need more information on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. :slight_smile:


Thanks, all, for the info!