Windows registry OneDrive setting reverting back after feature updates

I’m looking for some guidance with a Windows registry issue I’m having:

Three years ago I created a Windows 10 image for about 10 workstations, and in that image I changed the registry to disable OneDrive here:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\OneDrive\DisableFileSyncNGSC (Set integer to “0” to allow OneDrive.)

About a year later, we implemented OneDrive, so I changed that setting in the registry back to “enabled.” The issue I’m having is that each time we upgrade to a feature update (1709, 1803, etc.), that registry setting reverts back to disabled, and then OneDrive won’t launch until I manually make the registry change.

My main problem is that a user will not realize that OneDrive is not running, and they will continue to modify their files offline and not realize it. Without a OneDrive monitoring tool (which has been discussed here before) I don’t realize it’s broken until I check each machine after the feature update or they report a problem with syncing.

Any directions on how to make it stick permanently? I’d like to avoid relying on group policy, since I’m working towards moving to cloud-based management with Azure and Intune. I’ve been dealing with the issue manually so far, but I’m leaving soon for a new position and this is something I’d like to resolve for my predecessor. Thanks in advance.

Adam, have you tried removing the key completely?

In order to sync with OneDrive for Business, the DisableFileSyncNGSC key must be removed or the DWORD value must be changed to 0 (zero). If the registry value was set as part of a Group Policy Object, the policy must be removed.

If you decide to manually change this key or to remove the key without having your administrator change the policy for your computer, the next time the policy runs (typically after a restart, after you sign in to Windows, or after periodic updates), the policy is reapplied, and OneDrive for Business won’t start again.

On my Win 10 machine I can’t find a OneDrive folder under “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows”. Do you run Active Directory in your environment for the 10 Win10 machines?

Note: DisableFileSync registry value only works in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and does not work in Windows 10.

Thanks Norman, I’m going to try that today and upgrade to 1809 to test. Hopefully that’s all it will take. I am running Active Directory but don’t use it for anything except user creation/permissions. I’m trying to move all of that to Azure/O365.