Windows MDM Suggestions/Feedback

Hey all,

We are looking for a simple Windows MDM to manage our Check-In machines, and a few production computers, we do not have any actual staff assigned machines. Any suggestions? What are you all using?

I have looked at Atera, and NinjaOne as of now, but price seems a bit steep for how few devices we have (50).

Intune looks a bit more complex than what we need but want to take a deeper look at it and actually see what it costs - welcome for feedback here!

Thanks for any information!

For low cost MDM, take a look at Hexnode, ManageEngine Endpoint, and ScaleFusion.

I like Atera for their network monitoring and reporting, as well as built in help desk beyond its device management. Built in Splashtop fore remote desktop access is nice as well.

*a note about ManageEngine, be prepared to be on a mailing list FOREVER if you demo their product or sign up for anything. A year later, I’m still getting emails despite numerous unsubscribes. I just scan and trash them now.