Where to sell stuff?

So I did do a search but do we have a place to post stuff to sell like we did on TheCity?

If not, I’m selling some HaiVision Makito decoders - make me an offer. I think I’ve got 10 of them but I’ll have to check.

@codatory Could we get a for sale and trade category?

@JeremyGood might be good to troll some AV forums for a buyer as well. Specialized equipment is a tough sale. Just be prepared to cry a little when you sell it. :wink:

Thanks @willpolley. We just had the recycler come and pick up a ton of “at one time really expensive AVL stuff” that I almost had to pay someone to take away. I kept the HaiVisions because I thought there might still be a market but there were a lot of other things that I wished we could have sold.

For some reason I thought we already had made a for sale area. Sorry about that. We’ll find a good place to park one.