What Operating system do you recommend for Unifi Controller in a VM

(Joe M) #1

Looking to create a new Virtual machine in VMware and wondering what would be the best operating system to use. Please post your recommendations or experience.

(Alex Conner) #2

If you’re a Windows person, whatever the latest version you’re licensed for is fine.

Linux there’s an official Debian/Ubuntu repository so I’d recommend one of them.

(Paul Tedder) #3

We have 11 access points and we are running the Unifi Ubiquiti Controller software on a Windows Server 2012R2 machine along with several other software packages and have had zero issues.

(Tyler Turner) #4

I run my controller on a Windows machine. Go with what your comfortable with using. I’m comfortable with either but am using Windows because that’s what I had already running.

(Alex Nicoletti) #5

I’m running one off of a Raspberry Pi 3 and it seems to be going okay. You could also forgo the VM and just grab a Cloud Key which would be your management console.

(Craig Mashburn) #6

I just run it on one of our Server 2012 VM’s. Works great. No problems.

(Eric Eskam) #7

I started running Unifi under Windows, but over the years it seemed like every other Java update seemed to introduce new issues. A few years back I switched to a minimal debian GUI-less install and I couldn’t be happier. I run the Unifi Video recorder (NVR) and Unifi Controller on the same box and it works like a champ.