Video Storage Recommendation

Our church shot some worship videos that they are working on for a release on our youtube channel. They’ve not done anything like this and on this scale. They shot it in 4K with multiple cameras and are looking to edit it down to a few videos. The editor is asking for recommendations on storage and she thinks a 4 to 5 TB SSD would work. In the past they have just worked on an external 1-2 TB drive and archived the video to our file server. She uses a newer MacBook Pro. If you’ve done something like this or have recommendations I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

First off, I’d caution you against filling an SSD above 75% if your doing a lot of video editing work on it, the leveling algorithms need room to work to maintain good performance.

Second off, I’m certain I’m preaching to the choir - but make sure you have another two copies of the source footage on other drives, even if they are just external spinning rust.

Beyond that, an 8~16TB thunderbolt external SSD will work fine to do Multicam 4k editing on.

I’d recommend when your done to either only save the 4k completed video segment, or at least downres all the source 4k footage to 1080p for archival - There is very little chance you’ll ever need the source files again, and even if you do it’s likely only for recap or B-footage, which works just fine as 1080p up-scaled to 4k down the road.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll forward that information on.

@iamkarlp do you have any recommendations for brands of external SSDs? The number of dead OWC SSDs on my shelf is depressing (but not as bad as the number of dead spinning rust Promise arrays we have).

We stopped using G-RAID a while back because a batch of them started popping, audibly, and then losing data, but I imagine that has all been long resolved (they were Firewire 800!).

I’m looking at going with the OWC Thunderbay 4. I’ve had a few others with good experience. I think the last was eSATA though! OWC ThunderBay 4 - RAID Thunderbolt 3 External Enclosure

You can also take a look at using a Synology NAS for 4K video editing using 10 GbE.

For SSDs, I have a good experience with Samsung SSDs.