Video Conference with opportunity for break out discussion

Generally, we use oovoo or Skype for Business for video meetings. One weekly event is proving to be a little different. There are 4 locations with 5-10 participants each coming together remotely. The speaker would like to give the opportunity for small group discussion s throughout the same 2-hour meeting.

Two of the remote sites would get together in one small group with another 2 in the other small group. After each small group discussion, she would like all 4 groups to come together again.

Short of using a conference phone and muting the computer’s mic OR asking them to exit the large video meeting and join a smaller video meeting how can I make that happen?

She said she thought she could do it with Schoolology but I see people asking the same questions about Schoolology being referred to Big Blue Button or Blackboard something…

She has also indicated that she’d like a LMS but that is secondary to the small group discussion conundrum.

I seem to remember attending an HP or Microsoft event that had an online campus with separate rooms but we don’t have HP’s budget.

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Zoom Conference added Breakout rooms in January of this year. I’ve found it to be pretty easy to use and pretty cost effective as well as having good video quality.

We went with zoom. It is so easy. There are discounts on TechSoup although I haven’t looked at the top hard.

The first test was yesterday and I got a “good job” out of someone very difficult to please. That’s one in the win column.

We test the breakout feature next month.

Thanks for making me a hero!!!