Using Jamf to push out a browser in full screen kiosk mode

I have an iPad I would like to open up a browser, full screen, locked down in kiosk mode. We are using it to open to a web page that allows us to reserve a conference room. Has anyone had any experience trying this? Thanks

One super simple way is to put the iPad is “Accessibility Mode”. You triple-tap the home button to enable and set a passcode to disable. It will lock the iPad to the open browser, and you can use it to isolate area’s of the screen you don’t want access to. We use this for devices in our child check system.

Otherwise there are lots of “Kiosk” apps for purchase in the store, I don’t have any experience with them to share.

You can use a config profile to configure single app mode and restrict to safari, then you can set a content filter that only allows that webpage.

I knew about the accessibility mode, but I don’t know how to isolate an area of screen. I’m on a older iPad, so it may be the ios version is too old. v:9.3.5

See if the KioskPro Lite version will run on it and then lock the iPad in to that app.

You can create a full screen web clip configuration profile and push it down to the device. I try to shy away from locking down devices to single-app mode because it’s nice to be able to check WiFi and other settings if needed.

KioskPro Lite is a great app, we have used it for checkin to our playplace for years.