Tracking Visitation /Shut-ins

Each week we visit our Church elderly and ill members that are “shut-in” and unable to get to church. Many of them watch our services on-line, but we want to visit them as well. Our Visitation Ministry is looking for an app that tracks the “shut-ins”. For instance, a member of the ministry can go to this app to see who has and hasn’t been visited recently. I find a person on the list who hasn’t and go visit them. After visiting that person, I mark that I have visited them and add a note (for others in the ministry to see). We are looking for a simple and easily accessible app or digital process. We currently use Breeze ChMS and Subsplash applications. Any suggestions or thoughts?

On this one, whilst tech is useful, it is more about how the relationships that those people have. It is important not just to track who has not been visited, but what support relationships they have within the church. This is a bit more complicated and my need your pastoral team to look at the structure of church activities and how they build relationships rather than find a technical fix.

We track that info in our chms, it includes visit notes taken by the visitor, so that if someone different visits next time, or the usual visitor needs a refresher of what was discussed last time, continuation of care happens at a high level. You should be able to run queries against your chms to see when the last time a visit happened and push those notifications to your care team. We don’t really do an app for that just the Seniors Pastor gets emailed the notification and can either ask someone to go or he goes himself.