Staff Name Change - Best Practices?

So one of our staff has changed their last name. I was thinking of creating a new AD account (Sync’d to O365) with their new last name. then have the old account auto-forward to their new account and slowly phase it out. then i would move her Onedrive content to her new account. I’ve actually never tried modifying an existing AD account

I just change the name. Easy Peasy.!?We just had a woman marry. The only thing I couldn’t get to change was her c:\user folder and who cares about that.

You’ll want to create a alias in AD so she gets mail sent to her old account.

So change name and email address right and then create the alias for her old address?

Ron, we are in a hybrid environment with AD - AAD and on-premises Skype for Business. These are the steps I have been successful with.

  1. Use Active Directory Users and Computers.

a. Find the account, right click it and choose Rename. Rename each field as needed.

b. Open the account, and on the Profile tab change the Home Directory Path. (if needed)

c. On the Attribute Editor tab, change the mail and mailNickname attributes. (requires View-Advanced Features)

  1. Go to the storage server and rename the user’s folder. (if needed)

  2. Launch the SkypeforBusiness control panel and edit the user account, modifying the SIP address.

  3. Use the local Exchange powershell console and force the update of the email address policy: Update-EmailAddressPolicy “Default Policy”

  4. Use the local Exchange control panel and edit the account to change the remote routing address on the email addresses page to reflect the new address. Also verify SMTP addresses exist for the old username.

thank you both for your valuable input. I used the Rename functionality that’s built in to AD and it actually worked.