Software Recommendation for Attendance Tracking Though PTZ

Hi, I am curious if there are any recommendation for using PTZ camera for recording attendance? My church have two PTZ camera and have been counting attendance using pen and paper. Recently was curious if we could try counting attendance autonomously using some FR software with these cameras. They are currently connected with HDMI and controlled through a remote but planning to connect to network using rj-45 to our switch.

Attendance meaning headcount, or by-name attendance?

For a headcount, there are people counters you can put at the doors that count people in, minus people out. They’re not crazy expensive, either.

For individual attendance, people tend to get squeamish about this kind of thing. If you go down this road, be very VERY sure your leadership is VERY supportive of it. You’ll still need to find a way to identify new people, associating a face with a name. But, it is possible. Most places that do this put cameras at entrances to get as clear of an image of the person on the way in as they can.