Small Church accounting/CHMS

I have unexpectedly become involved with helping a smal church launch. They are about 200/weekly with an expected budget of $250k/annual. My first thought was to suggest PCO to get off the ground (with reservations) but I was not sure where to start with accounting software. I am with a church of 4000/weekly with campuses and have not had to look for such a small environment before. I was hoping for suggestions. We are not necessarily set in stone with PCO but the Pastor is really into it and already uses it for services. any input would be greatly appreciated. One person is pushing Aplos as an all in one, but i don’t know much about them.

We are a medium size church, but we use Quickbooks for our accounting. Although many of the Church Management Software offer accounting software, we have not found one that does as well as Quickbooks, since that is what they do. We use Realm for our Church Management Database and Quickbooks for our accounting.

Some years ago, I attended a church a little smaller than that, no staff besides the pastor. I even served as a volunteer co-treasurer for a short time. We used Quickbooks. It met the need just fine.