Slack Channels that Don't Have Matching Categories

Which of these categories should we create that exist as Slack channels but didn’t exist as theCity Groups. Keep in mind, as with theCity you can control your email preferences by category, so the more categories the more granular your control of emails - but the more management everyone has to do.

  • coffee
  • gaming
  • jobs
  • misc_hardware
  • misc_software
  • spoilersgohere
  • virtualization
  • bbq_and_food
  • email_exchange_o365_gapps
  • fruit_aka_applestuff
  • networking
  • random_whatever

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Personally, I don’t mind extra categories, though I didn’t vote for the non-tech categories. I wouldn’t mind any of them, but wanted to concentrate more on the “IT” part of the system. However, if general conversations on other topics come up, I’m okay with that. It might be good to have a “random/whatever” category as a catch-all and see what evolves from that.

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some need renames IMO (i.e. fruit_aka_apple to just apple), but many could simply be merged into something like “off topic”, “general”, and some seem fine like “gaming”

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I agree, the names aren’t really as “professional” as I’d like to see over here.

I’ve created an Off Topic category, which is probably enough for the gaming and food stuff for now. We can get more granular later on if it makes sense.


I like the on-topic list mostly, but I agree it should be cleaned up a bit. I think misc_hardware/_software should just be Hardware and Software. I like Virtualization and Networking, and maybe “Email Systems” for the email one? Or just Email.

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I think I agree, the on-topic channels as they exist in Slack should probably be mirrored over here and just the one off-topic category for the folks that don’t use Slack :wink:

FWIW, slack channels can’t have spaces in the names :wink:

A key IME is start with fewer broader topic buckets and expand as a natural progression of how the community discussions flow.

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