Skype for conference room

Anybody have a good solution you would recommend for using Skype in a conference room. Specifically for HR interviews. We had a hardware device we used for a while and are in the market to see what others are using as we look to upgrade that solution.

Our previous setup was a TelyHD Skype Web Cam attached to a large tv mounted to the wall.

Thanks for your input!


Logitech makes a couple of great solutions for lower-cost Skype conference room setups.

Just supply a good PC (SSD, 8+ GB Ram, reasonable on-board gfx are fine) with a copy of Win10Pro and off you go.

It’s optimized for S4B, but works fine with consumer Skype as well.


Logitech also sells this with a NUC and a custom HUD if you want to get a bit more permanent with it…

Take a look at the Logitech cc3000e. I bought it so users could easily set up their own video meetings but in reality, the camera feels a little more delicate than I’m willing to expose to the maniacs I work with. They break everything. Instead we’re going to permanently mount it above the TV in our soon to be huddle room. In the meantime I set up the tech for their video meetings. Once setup they can still take advantage of the units one touch start and zoom features.

We are using a lot of Skype for Business now. It’s the only platform I haven’t tested it with but I’m sure it will work well.

Awesome! Thanks for the input. I’m checking them out. I appreciate your recommendations.


Thanks for the recommendations! We purchased via Amazon Prime received it Wednesday! We are testing Logitech Group Video Conferencing and are loving the results so far. We’ll be installing it in our HR Conference Room next week, and they will be using it in the coming weeks. I’ll try to remember to come back with more feed back, but unless they have issues with it, it’s defiantly a great solution.

For this particular instance, our HR department really loved the idea of providing several popular options: Facetime, Skype, and Hangouts. Because of this, we are putting in a Mac Mini (one we picked up from the referb Apple Store), as the computer that will stay in the conference room so it’s ready to go without the need to rely on anyone to bring in their computer or device. The Mac Mini will plug straight to the TV (no additional monitor will be used). A wireless keyboard with track pad, and the Logitech Group Video Conference Solution and they’re off. The setup was flawless, and the quality is amazing. The wide angle camera will fit everyone nicely, and the speaker base located on the table in front you makes it great for both speaking and hearing in the conference room setup.

Like I said, I’ll post back if the results change as we conduct video interviews over the next few weeks, but my initial thoughts and reviews on this is great!

Thanks guys!

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