Sheby v5 with TimeclockPlus

If anyone here is running Shelby v5 payroll with TimeclockPlus v6 or v7, I have a couple of questions for you.
We converted from TimeclockPlus 4.2 to v7 a couple of weeks ago and have a problem with period export back to Shelby. The hours column is 2 spaces off. Did you encountered that problem? If you do, what was the fix? If you don’t have that problem, I would be interested as to why you did not encounter that problem, like what template you used or what was the setup.

Hey Philip,

We upgraded so long ago I don’t recall encountering that specific issue… and we haven’t had it since. I checked and found that our TC+ Export utility does not seem to allow easy customizations, so I’m not sure you could make the fix without checking with TC+ Support first. (If it’s only been a couple weeks, I suspect they will help even if you don’t have a support contract. . .)

Sorry I’m not more help,
-jeremy h.

Thanks. I don’t like TCPLus because of that. Most program allows for customization of exporting data but not theirs. They got the specs from from Shelby but it is not correct. TCPLus said that they have many Shelby users and none have reported any issue with their Shelby export template. I cannot be the first one as there are version 6 and 5 but when they tested the v6, it was also exporting the wrong column width. I am hoping that their programmer will correct that issue, but they kept insisting that it is correct when their tech support had remote in and saw the issue and I have also send them sample files from v4.2 and v7.

Hi Philip,

Sorry to hear about the roadblock with support.

I wonder if you could check something for me?
Check and ensure each of the job codes don’t have extra spaces on the configuration page of Timeclock Manager? (TC+ Manager > Conifiguration > Job Codes). Under “Information” make sure the number and the description don’t have any errant spaces.

I mention this because I now recall some other configurations that were permissible in our prior version that didn’t work in v7. It could be that v4 had similar migration issues. We discovered these while in beta for v7…

Hope that helps!

Hi Jeremy,
I just looked. The job codes seems fine but I’ll fire up the old timeclock 4.2 and see if there are differences.

I can’t access my 4.2 anymore. I remember about the job code not importing correctly, so we had ro manually enter the job code in v7.

Got an e-mail this morning from timeclock. They have forward my case to the development team.

A lot has happened over the Christmas break. I was out on vacation and out payroll dept. reported that Shelby is reading the payroll exported file form Timeclock Plus v7 without any issue even though the columns are off.
Don’t know why and don’t really care. There were no updates on Shelby or Timeclock Plus done for that problem. This week I got a call from Timeclock Plus that they got a new patch and would like to update my server to resolve that issue and I told them that Shelby is reading the exported file just fine and I don’t really want to mess with anything that is working.

Hey Philip - sorry for the tardy reply, but I was helping another church and discovered a similar issue. I believe what you described might be the result of a rarely-used job code that made an appearance the week that it failed. I suspect it might be missing the export code on the TC+ job code configuration.

Hi Jeremy. It is OK. everything was resolved and working great now. Thanks