Room Calendar for booking a meeting space

We have a meeting room that keeps getting double-booked, so I thought this would be the perfect time to create a “Room Mailbox” so when people select the room as a location, it sends an email to a booking delegate for approval.

Apparently, that’s now how Room Mailboxes work, but no matter how many documentation sites I read on setting up resource mailboxes and delegates, I can’t figure out how to achieve this result. Then again, I’ve never seen a single site that actually shows the delegate’s experience in approving the room, so perhaps I have to add the mailbox to their Outlook and have them check it?

Do any of you use delegates to approve meetings? If so, what’s the best way to go about it?

My end goal is a room that doesn’t get double-booked, doesn’t get booked for things the manager isn’t OK with, and ideally can be viewed on a tablet or digital signage in the hallway someday in the future.

I gave myself access, and I can decline meetings (I’m never officially “asked” by Exchange) but even then, the Location stays on the calendar invite for everyone else, but in Outlook it shows the Location “declined”… this can’t be how it was designed…

Hello Chris.
We use eSpace to manage facilities work orders and events.
Our staff are coached to use eSpace to check availability and book rooms before scheduling meetings for the rooms in Outlook. The Room mailboxes are configured to auto-accept/decline based on it’s availability.
Our events director approves all events based on the overall church calendar of events and our church’s guidelines on what type of event we allow on our campuses.

Maybe this will help. I followed it when configuring our room mailboxes.
I didn’t add any delegates to our mailboxes since our staff requests the rooms in eSpace though.

Thanks, is it kind of crazy but I can’t find any tutorials anywhere that show the delegation process and what it looks like for the delegates.

I’d love it if we moved to eSpace and got people used to reserving rooms that way first, but we aren’t there quite yet (but did just get their Work Order Management System, so we’ve got a toe in the water!)