Recommendations for staff-wide calendar items?

We’re an M365 shop with Ministry Platform, and we’re trying to find a way to make sure all of our staff have our weekly all-staff meeting on their calendars.

The problem with a wide-reaching staff-wide recurring calendar invite is it is forever tied to the person who sent it, and every change sends a fresh update to all staff (even if it is just to add a new person).

I just add my own personal recurring invite, but I thought it would be nice if there was a way to maybe manage a calendar that staff could subscribe to, but then somehow force all staff to subscribe to it without them needing to add it themselves…

Any recommendations?

I know we could do this in MP, but I believe we would need the events to be public for the ics feed, and we don’t want them showing up in Pocket Platform.

You could create a user like that could have various shared calendars like staff meetings, holidays, and such. Or you could just send the calendar invitations from this generic user.

We use eSPACE for all of our events, so we have categories that sync to shared Google calendars and we sign up all staff to be notified for staff meetings via email as we don’t use calendar invites organization wide. Perhaps your ChMS or event management software could do this.