Position Titles

IT Director…

IT Director (probably needs to change a bit to align with the current responsibilities)

I’m gonna have to talk to my boss about getting mine adjusted :joy:

Applications Manager

Senior IT Director (but don’t be surprised if you start hearing more C-level examples… even in the Church world)

IT Director - I’m seeing a pattern here…

Technical Operations Director

I know a few churches who utilize C-Level positions. What observations make you think that’s going to be a larger shift in the church vertical?

When a church grows and requires more from its operational staff (IT, Finance, HR for instance), it’s tough to always find that talent in-house. Many times, you’ll need to go outside your organization, and in many cases the open marketplace. HR can be “handcuffed” to find talent based on ministerial titles that may not match up with corporate ones. I see some churches using more enterprise best practices including organizational design strategies. It’s a common language many board members already understand. This applies mostly to larger organizations. I struggle with the possible “negative” connotations, but I’m getting use to the idea.