Position Titles

Hi everyone,

Would you be willing to reply and share your position title? Just doing a little research. Thanks!

Mark Wyse
Director of Technology
Blackhawk Church
Madison, WI

IT Director (IT pain the backside)

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TechOps Director … ‘cause TechOps sounds way cooler than just IT :slight_smile:


Network Administrator because any other title would mean I’m worth more.

Systems Administrator

IT Coordinator, because the same reason stated by K Papalia, HA!

I am the IT Director or Director of IT depending on who you are discussing it with and we have a Network Administrator here too

Clint Bicknell
DevOps Engineer at Lenovo (day job)
Creative Arts Director and Technology Director
Miami Valley Church
Miamisburg, Ohio

IT Director
Something witty here to fulfill the 20 character limit…

…IT Director…

IT Director…

Technology Overseer…

Technology Director… I also oversee AVL, thus the use of Technology vs IT or IS.

Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology

Network Administrator is the official title, but the nickname is “The Wizard”

Technology Coordinator.

That includes my responsibility to oversee volunteer staff for running A/V on Sundays and really coordinating all aspects of technology.

Director of Technology … but, really just know enough of most of this stuff to be dangerous so I usually say Computer Guy, and working on a church staff I also find myself doing the occasional attendance entry, stuffing envelopes, moving furniture, whatever is needed.

Technical Operations Director or TechOps Director for short. It does sound way cooler than IT Director :-):joy:

AV/IT Tech, because if they gave me the title of what I do, they would have to pay me more. I am the IT Dept.