Position Titles

(Mark Wyse) #1

Hi everyone,

Would you be willing to reply and share your position title? Just doing a little research. Thanks!

Mark Wyse
Director of Technology
Blackhawk Church
Madison, WI

(Jamey Hess) #2

IT Director (IT pain the backside)

(Jason Powell) #3

TechOps Director … ‘cause TechOps sounds way cooler than just IT :slight_smile:

(K Papalia) #4

Network Administrator because any other title would mean I’m worth more.

(Nic) #5

Systems Administrator

(Colin West) #6

IT Coordinator, because the same reason stated by K Papalia, HA!

(Mark Rock) #7

I am the IT Director or Director of IT depending on who you are discussing it with and we have a Network Administrator here too

(Clint Bicknell) #8

Clint Bicknell
DevOps Engineer at Lenovo (day job)
Creative Arts Director and Technology Director
Miami Valley Church
Miamisburg, Ohio

(Jesse McColm) #9

IT Director
Something witty here to fulfill the 20 character limit…

(Joe Jarvis) #10

…IT Director…

(Philip Havens) #11

IT Director…

(Norman Ho) #12

Technology Overseer…

(Tim Hollinger) #13

Technology Director… I also oversee AVL, thus the use of Technology vs IT or IS.

(Brad Crawley) #14

Director of Information Technology

(David Gonzalez) #15

Director of Information Technology

(Hawk) #16

Network Administrator is the official title, but the nickname is “The Wizard”

(Reagan A Lail) #17

Technology Coordinator.

That includes my responsibility to oversee volunteer staff for running A/V on Sundays and really coordinating all aspects of technology.

(Erik Peterson) #18

Director of Technology … but, really just know enough of most of this stuff to be dangerous so I usually say Computer Guy, and working on a church staff I also find myself doing the occasional attendance entry, stuffing envelopes, moving furniture, whatever is needed.

(billsheeler) #19

Technical Operations Director or TechOps Director for short. It does sound way cooler than IT Director :-):joy:

(Bill Bennett) #20

AV/IT Tech, because if they gave me the title of what I do, they would have to pay me more. I am the IT Dept.