Planning Center & Acxounting Software

For those using Planning Center what accounting software are you using? We’re using CCB and Quickbooks and not happy with either. We’re considering Planning Center and moving to a different financials package.

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People use Quickbooks because it is easy, what they know, or because that’s what their CPA uses/supports. Nobody picks it because it is amazing. If you want something similarly easy, check out Xero. If you want something more powerful, get ready to break out your wallet because they get exponentially more expensive.

As for ChMS, I have increasingly become convinced that 90% of ChMS switching has nothing to do with the failings of the product one is currently using and everything to do with the lack of effort/desire to learn how to use it well. I just completed a ChMS search for my own church and reviewed all the options that would fit our church size. CCB was quite honestly my top choice as it has features/capabilities that are high value which nobody else is doing at all. Planning Center has 3-4 things that it does with an app-driven, easy to use model that attracts a lot of pastors purely because they only look at the one-off tasks. Behind the scenes it is a disaster of shortcomings in my opinion. (And this is said from someone currently implementing it for his own church.) I’ll gladly discuss with you the key significant issues I have with the product if you want. Find me on Slack :wink:

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Dynamics NAV on cloud.

Would love to hear your take (shortcomings, significant issues) on Planning Center. Just finished a thorough investigation of it myself and getting ready to present to my supervisor.

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I am also convinced as you are that 90% switching is lack of desire.
We have been using Shelby Arena and Next for some years with some groups using and pushing planning center. We have been having issues of late with Shelby and want to at least look around. Current thoughts on planning center?

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Would you be willing to share your research of planning center?

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Hi Michiel,

I would be happy to share. Basically my research is in a powerpoint presentation comparing Fellowship One to Planning Center. Our church also uses a system that was created by one of our members that is called Onqu that you may see referenced in the powerpoint as well. I will attach it here and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Please note that this research was competed in the summer of 2018, I believe, and there may be newer modules in Planning Center now than there were then.

Crystal Shelton

(Attachment Church Management Software Analysis V7.pptx is missing)

We used started using F1 at the beginning then used Planning Center in parallel for Kids checkin then finally made the full switch from F1 to Planning Center this year.

Both solutions pretty good but we like Planning Center for the integration options and well designed GUI.

Blessings Michiel, would you share the powerpoint presentation. Im trying to convince my pastor to switch from F1 to Planning Center, thanks!

I’m happy to share, this site won’t let me post it here. Can you send me an email address that I could send it to you?