Payroll Software for churches?

It’s time to upgrade our QuickBooks and the only option is to join the QuickBooks cloud. However, we aren’t hearing good things about the QuickBooks cloud payroll function. We have less than 10-25 employees depending on the season. Does anybody have a payroll recommendation? We have used QuickBooks forever.

MinistryWorks (MW) from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance has worked well for our small church with 4 employees. MW provides complete payroll services, quite familiar with church specifics, very competitive pricing. We have used them for more than 8 years with no issues - very satisfied.

We also use QBO and use Gusto for payroll and are happy with its ease of use.

Thank you. I’ll share this with the other secretaries.

Thank you Jeff. If I may, how many employees do ya’ll have?

  1. We also use Gusto to pay some of our vendors/contractors.