Password management for teams, what are you using?

I realize this question was asked about 2 years ago, but would like to re-ask it again. What password manager/keeper apps are you using? The reason for my question is that we just got our annual renewal notice from Dashlane and the rates are up significantly. When we signed on with Dashlane in 2016 we paid $20/user/year. Last year we paid $36/user/year. This year the rate goes up to $60/user/year and it seems they no longer offer a non-profit org discount. Thank you for any info.

We are still using LastPass and are very happy with their product for password management.

However, we have also seen price increases. In 2017 we paid $20/user/year, but our renewal last year was $3.5/user/mo ($42/yr).
Also, they regularly push their full SSO product, but we use Okta for web-SSO.

I’m not sure what LastPass may have for non-profits.

I hope that was helpful.

Christopher R Harvey
Assistant Vice President - Network Architecture & CISO

“Advancing the Kingdom by serving the Church”

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We continue to use LastPass, but do not like the price increases we are seeing as well as the purchase of the company by LogMeIn.

While we continue to use LastPass, we did take a look at Keeper and were very impressed with it. If we were starting from scratch, we probably would go with Keeper, but we are staying with LastPass for now because we are not sure the pain of transition would be worth what we would gain from the product.

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Thanks Christopher and Paul for the updated feedback. I pushed back at Dashlane a bit and they have now offered a $10/user discount, so down from $60/user/year that they originally quoted to $50/user/year. This is still a 38% increase over last year’s $36/user/year, but much better than their new standard business rates.

Good news! Thanks for updating the feed.

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