Password management for teams, what are you using?

So far I’ve looked at Dashlane, 1Password & LastPass - which one does your teams use as a password manager or password keeper that also allows you to share passwords? We’re using a mix of Windows (70%) Mac (30%) & iPhone (90%), Android (10%) and I’d love something that I can centrally manage, yank access when a person leaves the church staff and has a solid track record.

I need something that is user friendly, plays well with unexperienced users and has a solid multi platform experience. If the organization provides a NPO discount that would be a plus too.

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We use last pass enterprise… Non profit price per user is $16 per user per year… That also includes linking to a personal account to access their personal sites when logged in as corporate account on all browsers and mobile.

Enterprise lets you centrally manage users, groups and shared folders.

You can even let someone have use only access so they can login to a site but not view the password.


Thats not a bad price at all. How many users are you using with it?

The last time I checked, LastPass was the only one that could share FOLDERS of passwords. Dashlane’s interface was nice, but you had to share each password individually (and revoke them individually), which is a horrific pain to manage at any scale. I don’t remember why we didn’t consider 1Password very seriously (maybe because early on they were Mac only?), but I don’t believe they do AD integration, which was a must for us.

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Also, beware that LastPass got bought by LogMeIn (ugh) and had a big price jump in November - prices doubled, at least for the for-profit side.

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@jasontucker We have 17 users in our enterprise account currently.

I’m hoping not to see sticker shock when we renew in a few months @jeremyrnelson… fingers crossed.

Brotherhood Mutual uses LastPass Enterprise. The shared folders is a key functionality for us.
We also encourage our users to have a personal LastPass account and to link it to their Enterprise account. If the password for the enterprise account is changed; that automatically un-links the accounts, so no company admin could ever get into their personal passwords. That means one app for the users, but a solid line between their work and personal accounts.
There are many other good features for LastPass, but I think the key is to get users to stop duplicating passwords and use much stronger passwords. Any password manager can get them started down that path.


I have used the free version of Dashlane. But when I ended my trial, I did not buy premium. I thought it was pretty good application while I was using it.

LastPass enterprise for past couple years. IT, Finance, and Comms so far. I just paid our renewal recently and there was no price increase.

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We’ve been using LastPass Enterprise as an IT Team for over a year and will be rolling it out to our entire staff later in 2017. The runner-up for us was Keeper, which made a strong showing in our demos.

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Check out Remote Desktop Manager

You can share passwords, websites, remote settings, etc with different users. It doesn’t integrate with web browsers, but has mobile apps. The backend for sharing can be MS SQL or MySql, or MariaDB, depending on your environment.


DashLane since November 2016 for about 40 staff. NPO price $20/user/year. DashLane uses the concept of Spaces to separate personal information/accounts and work information/accounts. Apps available for most platforms. Integrates with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE browsers (maybe others, but these are the ones we use).


We’ve looked at a variety of providers, but are currently using LastPass within IT and are looking at rolling out further.

FYI, LastPass recently had a major security hole exposed, which has since been passed and doesn’t appear to have been actively utilized by nefarious forces…but still, not ideal.

IMHO, any system is going to have weaknesses. We are looking for rare weaknesses, quick and proactive patching, and open disclosures of weaknesses and remediation taken…which thus far it seems LastPass is doing…

I also was not happy about the LogMeIn acquisition at the get-go, but thus far it seems to be going okay…so here’s hoping.

We use secret server from thycotic. Works pretty well! I do believe they have non profit pricing, not sure on the cost though.

There are two versions of 1Password. We use 1Password (one time fee) and it has worked very well across mac, windows, and Android. The vault just needs to be in a shared location like a Dropbox folder. 1Password for Teams (monthly/annual fee) is cloud based and has the ability to add/manage members and would be better for larger staffs. The price seemed reasonable ($3.99/mo/user) but we don’t really need the features at this time so we stayed with the “shared” vault.

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We also use LastPass.

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It appears the non-profit discount for LastPass is now only 30%. So for 100 or less people you are looking at $34 per user per year.

My experience with LogMeIn was the first year we didn’t see a price increase on Central, the 2nd year it went up $100 then the third year it went up another $100. So I would guess those that are “grandfathered” in will see a price increase next year.

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For my church, a single shared folder is sufficient, I pay for pro personally, my pastor does too. We get by with just that. Can’t work for everyone

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Personally I use LastPass and really like it. But the church has used PassPack. They recently updated to a new version and we’re still working through the bugs. I’m not sure how well it will play with novice users.