Online safety for seniors?

I’ve been asked to share a cyber security talk for a group of seniors, because a growing number of them have been dealing with scams lately. What are the top tips you would share? Keep in mind these are mostly non-tech savvy people in their 60s+, although I’m thinking about asking the rest of the church staff to come sit in on it as well. Thanks!

Hey Erik,

I do a tech outreach for Senior Citizens and people who are tech illiterate. Usually the number one issue that I see with Senior Citizens is calls from “IRS” or “FBI”. A few things that I cover with them are as follows:

  • The FBI and IRS will never ask for gift cards as payment and do not accept this payment at all
  • Microsoft will never alert you if you have an issue with your computer in the form of a on-screen message, usually this shows up as an error on a blue screen or a green screen with a series of numbers and letters and a :frowning: shown.
  • If you received an e-mail from a friend that looks suspicious do not click on any links in the e-mail before asking your friend or relative who may or may not have sent that e-mail (this includes digital Amazon gift cards or any other digital gift cards). Sidenote: I almost fell for this during the 2023 Christmas season, we are all victims.
  • Before contacting your Grandson, Relatives, and/or your preferred tech shop, have you tried restarting this. As cleque as this sounds, it usually resolves a significant portion of most computer issues.
  • Anti-virus programs is your friend even if it is a free option such as AVG or if you have the funds, a paid version also prevents viruses as well.

There is so much more I cover consistently and just a few that come into my head right now, If I think of more I will let you know!