Office 365 Sync with native folders?

Symlinks and O365 don’t seem to get along, still. Has there been any resolution to synchronizing native OSX folders like is possible on Windows? Due to licensing restrictions we’re somewhat relegated to using O365 instead of other services. Thanks! -Lee

I’m not sure about your statement on symlinks having issues. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to get right, but we have a few hundred Macs setup with “known folder move” for macOS using symlinking. No, it’s still not officially supported by MS. But it definitely DOES work.

We’re currently using the PKG provided from this github site as our preferred mechanism for setup: GitHub - synapsepd/MacOS-OneDrive-KFM: MacOS OneDrive Known Folder Move (KFM)

NOTE: Microsoft IS putting development effort into trying to create an officially supported solution for this. It stands to reason that if Apple can do it with iCloud, then Microsoft should hopefully be able to do it with OneDrive for Business (of course Apple has to play ball).


Have you started testing this against Catalina yet? I went to the latest 10.15 beta this week, and it removed the symlinks we have been using for my Desktop and Documents. I re-created them and upon reboot, they were gone again! Looks like we may need to look for alternate options.

Catalina significantly locks down the filesystem (and eliminates the ability to easily enable non-signed apps).

This is a pretty good read about some of the changes:

For managed endpoints or machines that run specialty software it’s probably best to wait several months before even seriously entertaining the update.

No, haven’t tested against 10.15.

Travis Phipps


Thanks for the replies and information! I’ll be looking into it for sure. Lee