Need to find a physical WiFi router/wireless access point

Long story short- how can I find the physical location of a particular wireless access point (WAP)? There are several in range but I need to find one particularly problematic one. I’ve looked at OpenSignalMaps app, but it doesn’t do what I need. Yes, somehow we’ve lost it. :-/. Also to note it is not it obvious viewable sight.

You may be able to find it by using an application like Xirrus Wifi Inspector (here: You should be able to get very close to the physical location by watching signal strength while walking around.

On the Mac side I like “WiFi Explorer”. Make sure to check up in the ceiling tiles. The other option is turn off all the ports with AP’s on and turn them on one by one. Happy Hunting!

Just thought of something else. What Wireless solution do you have? Can you find the IP or MAC to help narrow it down? You could then target the ports better.

If you, or someone you know, have Android, I have had multiple successes locating devices using this: Wifi Analyzer 3.10.5-L for Android - Download.

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Our Wi-Fi controller has a feature that will blink the AP lights so you can find the device, assuming it’s visible and joined to the controller.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into them. I also found:

Which I think looks really appealing for my need.

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