Migrating File Share to new OS - VMware

We have an SMB file share on Windows 2003 (yes, I know) and I’d like to move it to a current Windows OS so that everyone on staff can still connect to \servername\sharename\ the same way they have before. Ideally, mapped network drives would still re-map without issue, but I understand I may need to disconnect/reconnect once for each person.

Also, we’ll need to be able to connect to smb://servername/sharename/ in macOS as well.

I’ve been told to go towards DFS, and know nothing about that, so I’m open to that as long as I can still connect to the file shares the same way with the same file permissions.

Has anyone done this? I think I’d also want to keep the same IP if at all possible, as there are some locations this is linked via IP.

We’ve done that a bunch, Chris. It’s a good direction.

Well, sadly here we are 5 months later and we still haven’t migrated this server…

Out of curiosity, does anyone have a guide on the best way to accomplish what I’m looking to do above?

I’m comfortable creating new VMs, and even moving the VMDKs, but my main concern is getting the DNS and IP off of the old server and onto the new server at the right time. It feels as though I may need to rename the old server first, reset its IP address second, then join the new server to the domain with the old server’s name and IP, and finally move the VMDKs and import the registry settings last.

Does that sound right?

Does anyone know the specific branch of the registry I need to copy?