Migrating File Share to new OS - VMware

We have an SMB file share on Windows 2003 (yes, I know) and I’d like to move it to a current Windows OS so that everyone on staff can still connect to \servername\sharename\ the same way they have before. Ideally, mapped network drives would still re-map without issue, but I understand I may need to disconnect/reconnect once for each person.

Also, we’ll need to be able to connect to smb://servername/sharename/ in macOS as well.

I’ve been told to go towards DFS, and know nothing about that, so I’m open to that as long as I can still connect to the file shares the same way with the same file permissions.

Has anyone done this? I think I’d also want to keep the same IP if at all possible, as there are some locations this is linked via IP.

We’ve done that a bunch, Chris. It’s a good direction.