Microsoft Teams Vs Webex

In some areas of our church, we’ve had some younger staff using Microsoft Teams, a goal has been a wider rollout of it. With a new Exec Pastor though, that’s getting a second look. The main points of concern that have been raised with me are that it seems less intuitive than WebEx (which he is very familiar with), and PowerPoints that you are actively sharing can’t be discreetly modified, with changes then showing up (when sharing the file directly, not window or screen sharing). The use cases he seems to be thinking of are less for internal communication, and more for Board Meetings, and other meetings like that where external users will be involved.

I haven’t really used WebEx much, for anyone with experience with both, what are your thoughts? There is the obvious savings that comes with Teams being part of Office 365. I know Teams Integrates with Office 365 whereas WebEx has limited integration with it, what are some practical ways where this has benefited you? Is WebEx better for some situations?

We’d like to transition away from GoToMeeting (Webex sister product) too and focus on Teams, but inviting participation outside of your tenant is still too sketchy. I bet it’ll get there, but has a ways to go.

Microsoft Teams rolls up into the broader Office 365 story surrounding productivity and collaboration, while Webex Teams is part of a larger Cisco meeting and conference story with a legacy hardware focus. In most cases, Microsoft Teams makes the most sense – especially if you’re already an Office 365 user.