Microsoft Teams may replace Slack and Basecamp for us

We have a staff slack team, and a paid Basecamp 3 subscription, and Office 365.

We have not fully deployed any of them yet, only to select teams for testing. Slack is used by a handful of people (maybe 5), and Basecamp 3 is used by 2 teams right now.

While playing with Teams for just a few minutes, it seems like a great option for us considering it wouldn’t cost anything additional and it integrates so tightly with O365, OneDrive, Planner, etc.

I realize we could already use Planner, but to be honest I didn’t know planner existed until about a week ago. It doesn’t seem as friendly as Basecamp, but jumping into the whole O365 ecosystem seems to be more and more advantageous.

What are your thoughts? Have you used Microsoft Teams yet? Are there any specific features that are critical for you that it doesn’t support yet?

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Keep in mind Teams is still in preview now, so the performance and
stability isn’t quite where I’d like it to be. Basecamp is still
probably a lot better if you need to communicate with external
collaborators (like volunteers without o365 accounts). But keeping
everything in one place for internal users seems like a massive win to
me when it becomes fully stable and production ready. The chat and
integration features are awesome!

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Haven’t had a chance to play around with this yet - hoping to get some time in the near future. We have 0365 accounts as well, a few using Slack currently. I’d be much more likely to jump ship to an entirely Microsoft solution if they would fix OneDrive (it only performs versioning on Microsoft Office files!), but I’m getting off-topic…

Stability doesn’t seem to be one of Slack’s strong suits either. So that’s OK. Several people on my team randomly don’t get notifications. shruggie.

I have to admit, during my demo to our web team there were a few odd issues but overall it worked pretty well for what we were trying to accomplish.

I believe the main issue was I logged in using test accounts but my office and default browser were already logged in to my actual O365 account.

I still want to learn more about how it stores files, how much storage we have, and what those files, planner tasks, and meeting chats will look like a year from now (will the files still exist, will notes and chat logs still exist, or will they expire after a certain number of months, etc).

If we could see the planner buckets and tasks in Planner as well as teams, could link existing planner projects into a Teams channel, and could set up an “always on, read-only” dashboard view of planner (on a 4K TV in our office) I would be sold right now based on my current experiences.

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