Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Who’s using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (hosted version). What do you like about it? What did you find challenging? And what system did you migrate from?

We are looking into moving from on-prem Dynamics/GP to 365. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot more $ though.


I’m curious about this topic as well. We have hosted our Dynamics on-prem for years and would like to move to a cloud environment. I don’t have any experience with GP (our Finance Director has historically handled all of that), so I appreciate any insight available!

We moved our on-premise Dynamics NAV to Azure VM and Azure SQL two years ago and working great. But would prefer moving fully to Business Central (true Cloud) if performance/value is good. Will update you guys if we do move next year.


Found this url with nonprofit pricing.

Thanks @Norman. I’m assuming these prices are just for the licenses and not hosted. I’ve found good prices hosted but these seem to be good prices.

Does anyone have experience with standing up a Dynamics environment in Amazon AWS? We are recovering from a data breach (yikes) and deciding to re-create our environment in AWS instead of hosting on-prem. Appreciate any feedback.

Curious why AWS vs Azure since MS give NPO’s a sizable credit?
Sorry to hear about the breach. That doesn’t sound fun :frowning:


Hey Jason. We work with a third-party support provider that does their own Dynamics in the Cloud product offering using AWS. Since we pay them to support us, that’s what they’re recommending. This is out of my wheelhouse, so I’m just going along with their recommendations so far. We did have a brief discussion about using Azure, but again… it sounds like they’re more well-versed in AWS.

Also of note, we do use use Azure for our Rock ChMS, so at least we’re utilizing some of the Microsoft non-profit offering!

Makes sense :blush:
I forgot there’s also AWS NPO credits available :blush:

I think these are hosted prices.

The advantages of running Dynamics on Azure is the end to end support if something do go wrong and if you need to look for another MS vendor to take over, more likely there will be more MS vendors to choose from who will have Azure expertise than AWS for Dynamics.

From our experience running Dynamics NAV 2017 on Azure, the database performance is the most important factor especially when there are big background jobs running. Running on SQL Azure (not SQL Server instance) allows us the flexibility to scale up and down pretty fast and maintains data integrity. The auto backup also is very useful.

The data migration was a major challenge from on-premise to the Cloud due to our large database size. But glad Azure SQL has a good migration tool.

My Finance team connects to our cloud NAV instance using the NAV software client and the connection performance is surprisingly good. We use Incapsula WAF Cloud to protect our web interface for NAV; using two-factor authentication.