ManageEngine Desktop Central for Security/Patching

I’ve been researching security software that will patch Windows and third-party software.
I first trialed Lithik Security Manager and was impressed with it’s features and capabilities.
Lithik’s price was way more than we have budget for so I trialed ManageEngine.
I like it’s features and capabilities, but they have not been very responsive.
I used their web form to ask for a personalized demo, as well as asked for a quote, and I have yet to receive a response in 4 weeks.
Does anyone else have experience with ManageEngine support?

I used ManageEngine several years ago and the products are good, but the support was spotty back then.

Have you looked at the SolarWinds products? They have a patch manager and one big feature is that all their products integrate together for a single look and feel and interactivity. I’ve used SolarWinds for over 6 years now and love the product.

Their support is great, but they have an online community ( that is second to none. A LOT of support can come directly from the community. I put in a question about some custom SQL that I wanted to create and within an hour I had a set of code - and an update to that code. I popped it onto my installation and it worked exactly as I wanted.

Hey Richard,
I haven’t looked at SolarWinds, and didn’t know they had such a product. I just thought of them as a provider of network monitoring solutions.
I’ll give them a look. I don’t have the bandwidth to wait for responses or get support on a product I’m paying for.
ManageEngine has an extensive knowledgebase and tutorials, but I believe that’s basically their support model.
Thanks for your reply.

I use ManageEngine at my employer not church and it works well. I still use Windows WSUS server for windows updates, but use ManageEngine for all other patching. Does work really well.
Another that I now works well is a program called PDQ deploy.

Thanks Nick. It worked well for us during the trial, but I can’t seem to get them to contact me for a quote and I requested a personalized demo twice, and got nothing but crickets.