Mailing List Questions


Our pastor wishes to send a message to a group of people in the church, but does not want his email address to show in return, so people cannot reply to his church email. Ideally we use an info@ type address in the reply, but the message has to show, in From, as coming from our pastor.
I am currently trying a distribution list in Office 365, but are there other options? We do not want the message treated as spam.

  • Greg

We use GoogleApps and just set up an email address specifically for the pastors. It is similar to their regular address and so it looks legit. We have the replies forwarded to their administrative assistant. They could also check the mailbox as well for replies.

I think Exchange has a way to do something similar. I think they use the term alias. We have not been on Exchange for many years, so I do not remember how we had it set up then.

Do you have free accounts with your o365 tenant? I would use one of those and add the account to your pastor’s Outlook. I would set a rule that deletes any emails sent to that account. Additionally, put a signature in any email sent from that account that indicates that the account is not monitored. You can also have an autoresponder for that account that advises them that any emails received are answered or read.

I did find a way to make it work in Office 365, testing went fine. We will have a forward of replies to someone, since the email is giving related and there could be questions. Thanks for answers to post!