Looking into Rock RMS...any advice?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been asked to do some preliminary research on Rock RMS. I’ve checked out their FAQ and I really like what I’ve seen. We currently use F1 and service U. Has anyone gone down the path of converting from F1? I saw in a previous post on here that there is a migration tool for migrating from F1, does it work well? Any gotchas or feedback on the whole process?

And then also a few other miscellaneous questions:
Since there’s no facilities management built in, can the room management plug-in pretty much replace the “functions” of service U (:crossed_fingers:)?
Can you use android tablets for check-in, or know if that is in the works?


We just went to Rock January 1st. We can from ACS so cant really help with F1, though I know Hillside Christian in Amarillo made that switch last year. There is not an Android app for checkin. If you host it locally, you can do checkin through a browser so it is possible.

We switched from ServiceU to eSpace and love it. Have not even looked at the Rock pligin. I think it might be pretty basic.

It would be worth buying a subscription for the last Rock Conference to see what people are doing with Rock RMS. https://www.rockrms.com/rx2018/subscription

We have been on Rock since January 7 2018 and moved from Rock. IT is different and we push the envelope and actually have an on staff developer, but it is worth it. iPads for checkin as well as Windows no Android at this time that I am aware of. If you have more questions contact me direct billsheeler@gtaog.org