Looking for a way to schedule YouTube Live streaming

We are looking at streaming to YouTube for live services but can’t seem to find a good RTMP streamer that can be scheduled to automatically start and stop the stream, and send the stream to the correct RTMP channel (i.e. our main service goes to our main service youtube channel, but our women’s ministry goes to our women’s ministry channel).

We do this now using a DigitalRapids Stream-Z HD, but that encodes to HLS and the video files are distributed using a CDN (which has been rock solid, but very pricey).

Do any of you schedule your youtube live streams?

We don’t really have anyone currently able to start and stop the encoder for each service, especially considering we’ll need to change the server settings depending on which service it is.

I’ve had good luck using FFMPEG and some scripts to stream to Facebook Live and I’m guessing YouTube would be similar. It’s kind of manual for us now but I’m working on a web form that will allow us to enter the steam key and duration. Right now we manually start and stop it by running the script.