Looking for a good HPE switch for Security Cameras

We use HPE/ProCurve/Aruba switches everywhere except our security cameras because we needed a networked camera system “ASAP for cheap”.

Because of this, we went with UniFi cameras and UniFi switches (since some of the cameras we got required constant PoE, not auto-sensing PoE delivery, and these UniFi switches can do that).

For whatever reason, we constantly have to power cycle some of our UniFi switches and the entire UniFi system has been very unreliable for us, so I’d like to use HPE switches for cameras. We currently use HPE 2530’s just about everywhere, and I’ve found them (all of our HPE/Aruba switches) to be rock solid.

We have some 2530’s with SFP+ ports, but about half of them only have SFP. I’m thinking it might be nice to upgrade the 2530’s without SFP+ and then repurpose the SFP versions for cameras.

This leaves me with 2 questions:

  1. What SFP+ PoE+ HPE switch would you recommend to replace 2530’s where the only purpose for upgrading is 10GbE uplinks (because the feature set of the 2530 is just fine)
  2. What PoE+ HPE switch would you recommend for running security cameras (currently a mix of HikVision and UniFi)? Most areas have a maximum of 10 cameras per switch, and I’m hoping to have dedicated camera switches with fiber uplinks to our core 5406zl.

Have you looked into Aruba Instant On Switch? I installed two switches recently and I am happy with them. https://www.arubainstanton.com/products/switches/
What I like about this switch is It is a simple layer 2 that can be managed with cloud console, POE+ and 10Gbe.

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They definitely look interesting, but I’m only planning on getting switches that I can manually configure via SSH. I have to admit, I’m more likely to try an Aruba web managed switch than more Ubiquiti, but even then I would need to be able to manually manage the switch in the event the online service or web interface wasn’t an option.

You right, this switch doesn’t have SSH option. I was a bit frustrated, but I figured the only thing I need was a few VLANs for security cameras would be good enough.

I’d recommend repurposing the 2530’s with SFP modules as camera switches. You could replace the 2530/SFP models with 2540 models that have SFP+ modules that will support 10gb transceivers. You may already know this but if you issue the command allow-unsupported-transceivers you can use HP compatible 10gb transceivers. We’re using compatible transceivers and haven’t had any issues.

The 2530’s with SFP+ are EOL and you can’t buy them new anymore.

We use Aruba2540-48G-PoE±4SFP+ switches on our dedicated camera network with 10gb SPF+ uplinks between all of the switches. We have around 180 cameras on our camera network. Works flawlessly. We use Aruba Central to manage the switches since this is on a dedicated network and not accessible from our main network. The DVR/NVR’s are accessible due to dual ports with one port on the camera network and one on our main network.

Aruba 2530’s refurbished would be a good fit. I have used 2530’s for most needs, and they work great for phones, security cameras, etc. but are getting a little long in the tooth.
So, 2530’s are still good for those kinds of things, especially when they can be purchased in good working condition with a warranty intact.
For non-security camera/phone drops, I’m starting to use Aruba 2930F (or similar) spec’ed appropriately (there are different models for different use cases).

The 2530’s, 2540’s, and newer model lineups have SFP+ port options if that’s what you need.

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If you are patient and do not mind taking possession of an open box, returned item. The CDW Outlet has been a gold mine for us for many years. The address is cdw.com/outlet

About a month ago I purchased 8 x 48 Procurve 2930F with POE and SFP+ (JL256A) switches for about $12k vs about $35k. None of the switches had been powered on and only one had even been removed from the plastic. I have a bunch of other gear that has been purchased, usually at 1/2 off.

Right now there are not a bunch of great choices for Aruba switches, IMO. I usually check things out every 1 - 2 weeks to see if I can get a deal on some gear for an upcoming project.

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A couple of used/refurb 2920s may not be a bad option either - those are coming down in price.

Heck, My home lab is a 3800 48 port PoE+ switch, with 4 SFP+ uplinks, which is a beast, and cost me only $300. Can’t do UBT with it, only PBT, but for Chris’ purposes, should get the job done. SR Optics can be had from fs.com for about 20-25 bucks a module.


If you’re looking for switches in the Aruba line, the current offering is the CX 6100 series (just released this week, but in stock with guys like Tom), which takes the place of the 2530/2540 segment of the lineup - it’s got limited L3 support (if you want full L3, you gotta go up a level to the CX 6200), but it does have SFP+ uplinks (for most practical purposes, the CX 6100 series is updated 2930F hardware).

Thank you all for the help on this, I think I’m going to be looking hard at the 2930F or CX 6100 series to upgrade a few switches that have heavier use, and repurpose our 2530’s for cameras.

The only downside is all of the “passive PoE” UniFi cameras that will require some form of power injectors until we can replace them with cameras for our new system.

FYI, there is a ‘standard PoE to UBNT PoE’ adapter you can get. This means you can take your standard PoE switch (802.3af/at/etc.) and plug that network cable into the adapter, and the adapter into the camera. Therefore powering the UBNT camera from standard PoE. Last I checked there were 2 models, one made for indoor/outdoor, and one indoor only. The indoor/outdoor model included included a ‘pigtail’ to plug into the camera, whereas the indoor model was more ‘in-line’, meaning you need to patch with your own cable from the converter to the camera.

That was my method to get away from the UBNT PoE injectors (or UBNT switches) and standardized on using regular 802.3af/at PoE everywhere with ‘normal’ switches