Livestream video archive storage?

We’ve been livestreaming since the pandemic and I’ve been keeping an archive of everything we have livestreamed, as well as audio for sermons going back another 10 years. (At about 2TB now, expecting to add about 400GB per year.) But that storage is getting full, so I have two questions…

  1. Do you guys keep an archived video of everything you livestream?

  2. What storage solutions do you recommend these days for this kind of thing?

My preference is cloud based. Although we don’t need these very often, I’d like them to be relatively accessible to staff. I’m wondering if it would be easy to set something up in Azure or AWS. Seems like most questions on here have been about much larger situations. Thanks for your insight.

Hi Erik!

In the past, we have used Livestream and YT. However, they have been increasingly fussy about sermons (even though we have streaming licenses, etc). We have migrated to Sermonudio and have been VERY pleased. You can provide notes (PDF) and video; they will extract the audio for you! They do multicast and archive everything for $50-60/month. Your sermons will never be shut down as they aim to make a “vault” for sermons exclusively! They also have GREAT analytics; you can see domestically and internationally where your sermons are being livestreamed. They also support a Roku channel as well as Amazon and Chromecast. Definitely worth checking out! They are running a $1 sale now for those looking to start! Broadcaster Overview | SermonAudio

We use also SermonAudio and could not be more pleased. They have their vault that archives sermons off the big tech platforms. We also store videos on Google Drive for internal archive use.

Our public stuff goes on YouTube, Vimeo, and SermonAudio. For most purposes of being able to refer back to it, that’s sufficient. Our raw uncut media goes to AWS S3 and after 6 months automatically moves to Glacier. It’s functionally unlimited storage at a reasonable cost, though Glacier files aren’t immediately available.