Live Audio streaming translation

We are having several large conf. over the next few months. We will have about 50-75 Spanish speaking attendees, so we will have a translator. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on doing live feed (either in house or cloud based) that will be nearly real time that will broadcast to them (ideally mobile device, but open to other options). With already delay with translation, need a solution that will be less than few seconds delay and hopefully relatively inexpensive and scalable.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Mike!

At our broadcast campus, we are serving about 10 Spanish listeners each Sunday using a service from Interactio and it is working very well for us. They are based in Scandinavia, but support has been excellent, even over the weekend.

Their solution uses an app which our guests can download on their smart phones and subscribe to our services. We keep a handful of cheap iPods around for guests who need them.

Hope this helps!