Knowledgebase + Learning Management, Assigned Tasks

(Samuel Crisp) #1

I’m struggling to find a good piece of web-based software that does a few things in the same platform:

  • Knowledge Base of Categorized Articles that help staff and volunteers find information on church procedures, policies and training videos.
  • Can assign groups of training articles (maybe with questions) to certain new employees or volunteers for on-boarding, or reoccurring training to current volunteers and staff.
  • Easily searchable.
  • Able to limit access to certain articles based on group membership (staff-only, administrative-staff-only, etc)
  • Not a ton of $$$$, lots of assigned users (over 500 probably if we include ALL volunteers)

I’ve found great church-centered training platforms; great classroom-style learning management systems, decent knowledgebase wiki-styled platforms.

But I want our training and procedures to be in the same arena:
If I make a video on how a staff member should use a Square Credit Card machine, I want to be able to assign that article for someone to look at AND make it searchable internally to our staff on a knowledgebase(for when they’ve forgotten how to do stuff 2 months after ‘training’).

Here are some sites I’ve evaluated:
-zendesk: expensive, no assigned tasks or questions no searchable index
-ministrygrid: no group-based limiting access to articles; only titles are searchable; expensive
-litmos: class-based only. no support knowledgebase
-atlassian confluence: expensive; no assigned tasks or questions.

Any suggestions from the wise council?

(Brian Howell) #2

Here are some interesting options depending on how creatively you want to use them

5 free options


(Joe Jarvis) #3

We use freshservice for our IT Helpdesk / KB software. I don’t think you can assign training to people but it has one of the best KB article creation tools I’ve found. Allows you to embed graphics & video, etc. They may have that learning tracking functionality and maybe we’re not using it. Anyway, maybe worth a look.

(Adam Scheuermann) #4

Hi Samuel, if you have Office 365, I’ve been able to achieve those tasks with Sharepoint team sites at no additional cost as part of our Office365 subscription, and I’m really happy with it. I made a kbase/policies/operations guide with documentation on all of our workflows. Permissions controlled, easy to access. It helps that it’s in the same place as web mail and everything else, so it’s not seen as another service to keep up with from user perspective.

@joejarvis I love Freshservice! I’m just using for ticket and asset management.