IT Helpdesk Questionnaire

Hey Everyone,
I’m about to present a formal request for an additional helpdesk person to our Executive Team. I’d like some data to back it up so wanted everyone to shoot back with the amount of helpdesk staff with reference to campuses / staff / weekly attendance / etc. So I’ll start…

Campuses: 8 (3 Physical, 5 portable)
Employees: ~250 (150 full time / 100 part time)
Weekend Attendance: ~15,000
IT Helpdesk Employees: Currently - 1
Other IT Members: 1 - Director, 1 - Business Analyst, 1 - Network/System Administrator

Not sure if our stats will help, but here goes:

Campuses: 3 (3 physical)
Employees: 125 (around 80 or so full time)
Weekend Attendance: ~8,000
IT Helpdesk Employees: Currently, 1 (me)
Other IT Members: None (I am the IT Department. I have a boss but she is really more HR than anything else)
Outsourcing: Yes (we use a SMB company; rep comes out 2x per month to help me with servers & some networking. I handle all Helpdesk tickets and requests, all hardware, most software besides ChMS)

The biggest thing IT has going for it in relation to time spent is that we’re a single campus and all buildings tie directly back to the Server Room.

Campuses: 1 (11 bldgs, 60 acres, K12)
Employees: ̴ 350
Weekend Attendance: 3,500
K12 Students: 831
IT Helpdesk Employees: 1.5 (the .5 is the main IT contact between us and the school staff & students)
Other IT Members: 1 - MGR/Network/Sys Admin, 1 - Database Specialist & Dev

Campuses: 7
Employees: 350+ Full Time
Weekly Attendance: 26,000+
IT Helpdesk Employees: 2 full time, 1 part time
Other IT Members: 1 Director, 4 developers, 2 Engineers

Campuses: 9
Employees: ~450
Weekly attendance: ~6800
Other users (students, volunteers, etc.): unknown, but numerous- K12, Seminary, and more
IT staff: 1 IT Manager, 1 Systems Administrator, 1 Network Administrator, 1 part-time support tech, occasional volunteer part-time interns.

You might ask, “where are the Help Desk employees in your IT staff?” The answer is, all of them are Help Desk. The SysAdmin is very limited in this role, but every other member of the team assists with Help Desk duties. I’m the manager now, but I’ve been the principal Help Desk technician for over 8 years. Our Network Administrator was hired as 1/2 Help Desk 1/2 Network. Our part time support tech focuses on website/ChMS support, social media, etc., but she also answers phones when needed. In our environment (and, I suspect, most IT shops) the network does not require full-time attention. Such is the case with many roles in IT. Our SysAdmin works full time +, but his work allows us to run a large operation with a small crew. IT is constantly asked to do more, with fewer resources. That’s life in IT. But the Lord has allowed us to maintain a high level of support with a very small crew, and at a fraction of the cost compared to where we were just a few years ago.

So before you hire another Help Desk technician, you might consider having the Help Desk phone ring to a couple other desks. I’m guessing your Systems/Network Administrator is pretty busy, but could probably help with the phones during break times.Perhaps the director could pitch in with desktop support, Help Desk email and calls, etc.

You might also be able to utilize volunteers or interns who are looking for real-world IT experience as they attend school. Volunteer interns require time and training, and it should be more about their edification and learning than about your monkey-work getting done, but the relationships you build are great.

Just some thoughts to consider!

Campuses: 25
Employees: 600+
Weekend Attendance: 70,000
IT Helpdesk Employees:

  • Hardware support - 4
  • User support - 2
  • Software support - 1
  • Church Mgmt support - 2
    Other IT Members: 11

Campuses: 3
Employees/Users: ~42, 34 full time, the rest part time and volunteers
Weekend Attendance: ~2200
IT Helpdesk Employees: 1 (me)
Other IT Members: None.

I take care of everything, part time.

Campuses: 3 (4 Buildings)
Employees: 50-60 (FT and PT)
Weekend Attendance: ~1050
IT Help desk Employees: 0 Dedicated Help Desk
Other IT Members: 2 IT (Director and Database Administrator)

Campuses: 7
Employees/Users: ~ 100 Fulltime , 20 interns
Weekend Attendance: ~13000
IT Helpdesk Employees: 1 (me)
Other IT Members:: None

Definitely trying to get even a PT HelpDesk employee…