IT Help Desk Support to User ratio

Wondering what your organizations Help Desk support to User ratio looks like. There are many articles out there that mention a 70:1 ratio. ( Wondering if you would be willing to share your ratios. How many users do you support and how many Help Desk staff do you have?

I live in the world where 250 users comfortably is the low end per tech and if you have your automation, practices, proactivity, training, hardware lifecycle, etc. nailed down then you will be inching past 500 users per tech comfortably. I know a guy whose organization is doing really well at 700 per tech comfortably!

When I work with churches they will generate maybe one or two tickets a week from staff themselves on a busy week, but even with 30+ staff it’s normal not to get any tickets. Sometimes there will be a few tickets generated from the monitoring system worth inspection, but not many. On top of that, churches tend to have very uncomplicated technology needs and are usually perfectly happy to design for downtime out to 24 or 48 hours so they don’t require much in terms of systems architect or sysadmin either. :sunglasses:

In this building there are 89 user and 1 me.

Sometimes churches call me but out of 97 parishes, only 2 or 3 call each week.

Since we moved to thin clients and RDS (aka Terminal Servers) I leave my office rarely.

Looks like I’m one of the trend setters. Approximately 70 users to just me (one man shop, for now).