ISO Auction App or Software

We all need to get rid of stuff that still has some value, so how do you sell it to your staff internally before listing it on ebay?

Specifically, I’m looking for help finding the best online platform (preferably for free).


  • Free or cheap.
  • Online, mobile friendly.
  • Easy to bid/buy for those who are NOT tech savy. (no deceptive ads)
  • Easy for accounting dept. to organize and transfer funds all at once (rather than managing every check, cash, or payroll deduction).
  • Online payments (credit card fee is expected but worth it.)
  • Private to staff only (with a private link is good enough).

We are looking for something that is more organized and easier to use than our current system: Google text document for each as a “bid sheet” and separate google spread sheet (private) to keep track. Besides the management allows for a lot of errors with all the leg work, the accounting department has to handle all the payments/sales individually.

We could live with the Google docs method, but we need to be able to clean our closest out more efficiently as the church keeps growing.

How do you it?

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We purposefully don’t sell hardware to staff with the exception that we will sell them the laptop assigned to them if they leave staff or it is about to be decommissioned. First we find comparable pricing for the item from a retailer like Amazon or Ebay and use that to set the price. We keep copies of the listings we use for our yearly audit. Then we wipe it and communicate that it is their device and we won’t support it.

Our primary reason for not selling items is if it is determined that we sold it for less than market value, it could be considered income that we need to report on their paystubs. Our accounting department would prefer to not do that. Secondly, by the time that we are actually done with an item, there is a decent chance that it will just give out on someone soon after purchase, which isn’t a great fit for non-technical staff who may not know what they are getting. We have been watching for a volunteer who could sell items on Ebay for us, but usually we end up donating it to a local charity to recycle or give it away.


Thank you. We are very similar. I will double check with our accountant about selling products for below market value.

I’ve found a few decent solutions so far but none are perfect. & are best so far.

  • Give only fee onto person bidding but allows for opting out (GalaBid is the easiest to opt out of).
  • Normal credit card fee and requires Stripe account (easy and free-ish).
  • Auctions can be private or public.
  • Both meet all other criteria I mention above.

If we want to pay a 5% sales fee (instead of passing it onto the bid-winner), I would go with:

We are going to move forward with GalaBid for now.