Interns and Schools

We are looking to greatly expand our use of interns at The Chapel in conjunction with a “School” that we are starting. I put “School” in quotes because it is still being defined. It sounds like we may partner with an existing college, but also that we might do some of our own things and internships. So now for my questions.

  • With Googles wording on sexual description for employment, those of you using g-apps, how are you managing that? Do some of you have a separate nonprofit that you run the school out of?

  • I’m looking into using Chromebooks since I’m being told is that they would just need to get to documents and SaaS applications like Planning Center Online and Fellowship One. We are not a google shop so does anyone have experience using just O365 on Chromebooks?

  • In looking for Chromebook alternatives, I came across Windows 10 S and all the school products Microsoft is coming up to compete with Google. Is anyone using these Microsoft products or computers? They look like they might be a good fit.



We have interns and our internship is a program that includes spiritual, ministry, and work skills development. We don’t anywhere refer to it as a ‘school’. It’s an intern program.

Thanks Mark. Do you provide any IT resources to those interns? Computers, Email accounts, Printing?

We just started a Leadership Academy here at Valley Creek and have about 25 students this first year. Looking to potentially double it next fall. We are an O365 house. We created a new domain under our tenant have issued licenses for the MS suite to the students. We also offered them use of new Dell 7579 computers and have had a great experience so far. We were considering entry level Macbooks as most of the millenials are fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem, but chose the more cost effective option. I just didnt want to try to carefully navigate the Google NFP discrimination issues and licensing either.

Not sure any of that helps, but there you go :wink:

We do, but it is position specific. Depending on what ministry work they are doing they may need some or all of these IT resources.

Thanks for that Matt. When you say a new domain, is it a totally different one or did you create a subdomain? Are you using any of the Microsoft School specific software or subscriptions?

we actually set up a separate one. And we are not currently using any of MS school specific products. They are generally using the basic MS Suite and things like Skype for Business for screen sharing and collaboration in the classroom.

We have Chromebooks at our K-8 school, and the Google for Education does not have the restrictive wording that their non profit version does.
You may want to check GoGuardian, it may allow Chromebook management without using the Google console.
Our church has some Chromebooks we just use in Guest mode, with no management needed. It works fine to access our CCB, church web site, or any other online resource. Guest mode works well for shared since it does not keep credentials.

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