Integration Issues with Pushpay <--> CCB Integration

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We are in the process of migrating our payment provider to Pushpay but have run into a few bumps along the road. The biggest issue currently facing us is the two way sync. I’m hoping someone else has worked through these issues and might have a few pointers they could share?

There are a few different aspects to the issue we are facing:

  1. Pushpay does not import the YTD existing transactions into their interface, so individuals have to continue using CCB for giving statements for the remainder of the year.
  2. Pushpay can accept batches of checks/cash entered manually into its system and will sync them to CCB but it puts them all into CCB as online gifts, not differentiating the different gift types.
  3. We cannot switch over fully to Pushpay until we have migrated our repeating givers to Pushpay from our existing payment provider and Pushpay does not synchronize transactions in the meantime that are giving via CCB through the third party payment provider now.
  4. Pushpay offers one giving statement per year to donors, we have traditionally sent out one for each quarter through CCB (theoretically we can still send them out via CCB, but they won’t match the giving one sees in Pushpay).

All of these “hiccups” boil down to one underlying issue - the Pushpay <–> CCB integration isn’t fully “two-way” - e.g., for the rest of this year financial statements in CCB/Pushpay will look quite disparate, and going forward indefinitely we can add the batches in as we’d like them to display in one system but they will not appear the way we desire in both.

If you have any experience with this, I’d love to hear how you’ve worked through it!


We have used the 2-way sync since the beginning of the year.
Here are some points:

  • Pushpay has to be the merchant provider in CCB, rather than BluePay or something else.
  • For us, Pushpay handles online giving, whether recurring with bank, or with the app. Pushpay also processes form payments.
  • We run giving statements from CCB, and enter all check or cash gifts in CCB.
    Givers can still give via their CCB profile if they wish, since it gives access to the whole fund list, not just the basic ones in Pushpay

CCB has some pretty good instructions, the key is creating the one way sync first, and then go back to set up the 2way part. You will need admin access in CCB and Pushpay during the process.

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